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Ruchi Dalia 300gm

Ruchi Dalia 300gm

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 Daliya is a wheat product made from whole raw wheat kernels which are crushed or cut into smaller pieces. It is made by milling wheat grains coarsely. Daliya is manufactured and the strict hygienic conditions with state of art machinery that maintains the original flavour and meets with the Global standards. There are a large number of uses for daliya and the food makes a popular dietary supplement in many cultures. 

Daliya is highly nutritious and an ideal health supplement for all age groups. It is a rich source of daily requirement of carbohydrate, fiber and manganese in our food. It is easily digestible and fat free. It is an excellent source of starch and gluten which releases glucose very slowly in the blood, hence helps in maintaining blood sugar level and reduces cholesterol. Regular intake of Daliya improve body metabolism. it is a perfect food choice as it protects from constipation, heart disease, obesity and diabetes the layer has all eight essential amino acids needed to give great muscles, good hair, skin and eyesight. This is a nutritious form of eating wheat among any other form of wheat as it does not lose any of the nutrients that are present in whole wheat. Our quality that contains no artificial colour or ingredients and is known for its purity and taste when served hot either sweet or salty.

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