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Patanjali Amla Juice, 1L

Patanjali Amla Juice, 1L

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  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry is rich source of vitamin C, iron and minerals, it immunity booster, regulated metabolism, helpful in hyperacidity, eye problems, skin disorders and anemia. It also helps in blood purification.
  • Amla juice is rich in minerals and vitamins such as carotene, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and vitamin B complex, and hence, is a powerful antioxidant . It protects your body from oxidative stress by eliminating radicals.
  • Amla juice when taken with honey twice everyday, helps in relieving asthma and bronchitis complications.
  • Amla juice is good cardioprotective and provides strength to heart muscles. It help in the management of all type heart problems
  • Amla juice is mild purgative and helps in giving relief from constipation.

Important information
Safety Information:
Consume within 1 month after opening the bottle.
Useful in hyperglycemia, intestinal worms, ulcer, anemia, gout, jaundice, urinary discharges, flatulence & blood purification.
Mix 10-20ml of juice with water & consume twice before meal or as directed by the physician.
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